Couple propose to each other at same time at Glastonbury after both making secret plans

A couple who proposed to each other at the same time at Glastonbury Festival both confided into their friends they were going to propose – but kept it a secret.

Anya and Megan, from Ringwood near Bournemouth, had recently told their friends they were planning on marry one and other but the friends had to the secret close to their chests for weeks, reported SomersetLive.

But as the sun shone down on Worthy Farm yesterday, it was like the stars had aligned in their favour as they found a secluded spot away from the crowds, both decided to make an honest woman of the other.

Anya said: “We met on a night out, through a friend of a friend, and been together for seven and a half years.

“I had told our friends I was planning to ask Megan to marry me at Glastonbury, but obviously she had told them too – so they were in such a funny position,”

“We went to a little quiet spot near the Circus Field, away from all the crowds because I wanted it to be quite a private thing.

“I popped the question and Anya said ‘that was what I was going to ask!'” Megan laughed.

The happy coincidence just shows how in tune with each other they are, so planning a wedding will be a doddle. No plans are set in stone yet and it will probably be in “a couple of years”, Anya predicted.

The girls’ close friends, who accompanied them to Glastonbury, had come prepared for the special occasion. Little more than an hour after the big moment, they had rigged up a banner over their tent and produced “engaged” sashes for the couple.

But they weren’t the only ones whose tent drew attention from revellers yesterday. Lorraine, who has made her home on Pennard Hill, was the envy of her fellow campers, thanks to a jazzy tipi tent she bought online.

She said: “I found it a couple of months ago on Facebook marketplace. It was only £40 which was an absolute steal as it’s so big and it looks nice too.

“You would think that, for that price, the quality wouldn’t be very good, but my daughter has taken it up Snowdon and it withstood all the rain and storms Wales threw at it. I have re-waterproofed it again for this just in case.”

There were also some exotic-looking abodes in the Healing Fields.

One “tent”, made completely from swathes of fabric provided some welcome shade to festival -goers, giving them a place to chill out before the dancing began.