McDonald’s fans beg chain to bring ‘epic’ portion of sharing fries to the UK

McDonald’s lovers are begging the fast-food giant to introduce “sharing fries” to its UK menu after learning the giant-sized portions are being served in the chain elsewhere.

Sharing fries have been introduced to restaurants in Poland, as a food reviewer visiting from the UK recently found out.

Now, fans are desperate to see the giant portions introduced here after a video shared by the reviewer went viral.

Posting to TikTok as @FoodReview.UK, Michael Jamies shared his amazement.

Introducing the video as he holds up the portion, which is double the size of his hand, Michael says: “I’m in Poland at the moment and I think this may be the biggest portion of McDonald’s fries in the world.”

“It is actually a new portion size for them called sharing size. Just look at it. It is wonderful,” he adds.

While some fans thought the new size was still too small, others said they “need” to see the portions introduced in the UK, especially after Michael revealed there were even more fries since he ate some before filming.

One person said: “McDonald’s bring this to the UK please!”

Another called the fries “epic”, while a third simply wrote: “Need.”

Several people also joked they would visit Poland just to try the fries.

Sadly, there is no other way for UK fans to enjoy the portions for now, as a spokesperson for McDonald’s told The Mirror: “There are no current plans to introduce a fry portion on that scale in the UK&ROI. “