‘My mum won’t speak to my children – she’s angry we adopted a puppy’

Dog owners should feel a sense of pride when rehoming an animal in need.

But despite everything the animal has been through, there always seems to be someone who has something negative to say about the new family member.

One woman has been left shocked after her mum refused to speak to her grandchild about their new dog – simply because she doesn’t think they should own one.

Speaking to Mumsnet, the mum said: “We have been thinking about getting a family dog for a few months.

“My kids are very excited about this idea and are old enough to understand the work which is involved with getting a dog.

After taking time out to visit with a number of dogs and picking one out, the children couldn’t wait to tell their grandma all about their new four-legged friend.

She added: “The kids were understandably excited about this and were desperate to share their news with everyone, including grandparents.

“My parents have made it clear in the past they very much disapprove of us getting a dog.

“To be clear – we live a fair distance from my parents, so it’s not like I’m going to be expecting them to dog sit, have the dog while we’re on holiday or be involved with the dog in any way at all. I’m in my 40s, and it’s none of their business anyway.

“When my kids phoned Granny to tell her about the puppy, she wouldn’t even talk to them about it. They came off the phone quite deflated and said ‘Granny doesn’t like us getting a puppy’.”

While most users shared their confusion about the grandma being so against them getting a dog, others claims she should have pretended to share an interest purely for her grandchild’s sake.

One user said: “Whether they like dogs or not, they could feign interest in something their grandchildren are so excited about.

“I don’t care about Pokémon, but I pretend to for the sake of my nieces and nephews.”

Another user added: “To be fair, it’s got naff-all to do with your parents if you get 100 dogs. Why do you care what they think?”

A third user said: “They are being unreasonable.

“Even if they don’t agree with it they could have said ‘Oooo, that’s nice, but it will be a lot of work for you all, you must remember to walk it every day even when it’s raining and pick up it’s poo’.

“As someone indifferent to dogs that is what I would say.”